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lū frzn they/lu

nicaraguan filmmaker in berlin
@lufrzn on telegram & insta


Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 19_36_07.webp

2023 / short documentary / 9 mins

five years after leaving nicaragua i find myself trying to put together a film that makes them feel rounded. on the contrary, i'm confronted with a fragmented narrative of myself, made out of tiles that represent my memory and the absence of it.​

nicaragua, germany

solo work

not your shot / qué me ves


2022 / [experimental] short documentary / 4 mins

an encounter that confronted me with important questions about my role in image creation. maybe a paradox or some sort of statement on the subjectivity and power dynamics between the observer and the observed.


solo work

cheisin treins


2020 / [experimental] short documentary / 8 mins

we met on the bridge to try out a camera. in essence, this film is the conversation ignited by the material that we spontaneously shot that night. the realization of common and yet so different memories, and the understanding that we've found in each other while being so far away from the places we come from.

nicaragua, bolivia

in collaboration with froilán urzagasti

unfinished project 1


2019 / short film / x mins

a film i shot for a film school application that i didn't complete. my ideas on how to make films back then were rather conservative and this project helped me realise i was going in the wrong direction. it addresses depression and burnout, experiences that were part of my reality more than i wanted to admit at the time.

nicaragua, germany

in collaboration with dinah ipsen & daniel dilger

let us fly / dejanos volar


2019 / short documentary / 14 mins

two nicaraguan musicians involved in the uprising of 2018 are forced to leave their country. with nowhere to go, they decide to tour around europe to spread the word through music. i went to their concert in berlin and then decided to join them in copenhagen and barcelona to film part of their journey.

nicaragua, denmark, spain

in collaboration with

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